Barrel-Style Tile

Both our 24-Gauge Barrel Style Metal Tile and .032” Barrel Style Aluminum Tile Roofing Systems offer the best of both worlds with the traditional look of classic clay tile and uplift performance that is unmatched in the industry.

Our Barrel Style Metal Tile Roofing System is manufactured from 24 Gauge (G-90) Steel. Engineered at 312 MPH and Uplift Tested with a FIELD design pressure of -204.25 PSF; it is the industry's strongest metal tile panel.

Miami-Dade County Approved NOA No. 21-0202.05

Thickness Matters

Material thickness and design matters when facing such catastrophic events.

In a time where most manufacturers are producing panels on the lower end of the gauge. FMRP is doing the opposite, to provide an even stronger system for our customers. Our 24 Gauge (G90) coil is ordered to a 0.025” min and typically runs 0.0275” to 0.0290”, which is the lower end of the 22 Gauge range.

With hundreds of roofs throughout the Caribbean, we did not experience a single failure through Category 5 Hurricanes Irma and Maria, and Category 4 Hurricane Dorian. The strength of our Metal Tile Roofing System sets us apart from all others with a field uplift design pressure of -204.5 PSF (Miami-Dade County NOA 21-0202.05).

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